Technically speaking, Jefferson Bass is not a person. Actually, it’s two people: Jon Jefferson and Dr. William (Bill) Bass. I see what they did there.

Jon Jefferson is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on channels like The National Geographic Channel, Oxygen, A&E, and The History Channel. However, a majority of what he’s done has been in conjunction with the other person who makes up the name – Dr. William Bass.

Dr. Bass is probably (by far) the more interesting of the two due to his creation of The Facility, or the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility. Sounds like boring science stuff, right? Wrong. Actually, you may have heard of this place by it’s other name: The Body Farm.

Nestled between the university and The Tennessee River lies two and a half acres where you just might happen to find some decomposing corpses. No, it’s not some gruesome crime scene (even though it may look like one) – it’s actually a place where scientists can learn how bodies decompose under various conditions. 

If you want to know more about this place, I might suggest reading Jefferson and Bass’ excellent book: Death’s Acre.

Together, Jefferson and Bass have turned their attention to writing fiction with a series featuring a Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton, who shares a lot in common with Dr. Bass. At the current time, there are ten full length novels as well as a few more short stories.

Like I said with author Kathy Reichs, there is a certain benefit to reading mystery stories written by people who have worked in the forensic industry as they tend to bring a certain air of authenticity to their stories. That is clearly the case here.

And, with Jefferson Bass, you also get exciting and thrilling stories, full of (mostly) correct law enforcement procedues, forensics, and all that.

Honestly, I am not sure why the stories of Jefferson and Bass hasn’t risen to the level of popularity of similar writers – in my mind, they are just as deserving if not more so.

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